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Make every day a little brighter with our colorful and playful children's socks. From meatball motifs to rolls, we combine Swedish tradition with children's joy. Explore our unique range and let every step be a feast for your children's feet.

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Children are delighted by colored socks

Regardless of the season, socks are a friend in everyday life. Sweden's climate has contributed to socks being a must to protect the feet most of the year. In the past, however, the range of socks in colors that made children happy was not particularly large. Back then they were called hosos and older people can remember with shudder the chafing and itchy woolen socks. Today you can find children's socks that make everyday life more fun and comfortable.

When talking about children's socks, they are generally divided into two categories, socks and stockings. So what is the difference? What is usually called socks is a sock made of coarser material and it is not without reason that the controversial tube socks appear in various conversations. Tube socks don't always have the best reputation but are hard to beat when you want a sock that sits a bit higher on the calf when you sweat a lot. The same thing if you want to fold your pants and pull your socks over them. It was popular in the past and is becoming popular again.

Fun & colorful children's socks brighten up everyday life

Of course, it can feel safe to choose neutral children's socks in black, gray and white that blend in with the outfit. But bright colors on the socks can make children happy when everyday life is grey. Funny motifs on the children's socks and lovely colors that light up make getting dressed more fun. Today, children's socks are available in several different materials and colors that suit different clothes. Online, it is easy to find socks in colors that make children happy.

Children tend not to like wearing socks and prefer to run barefoot. Often it is connected with the fact that children find socks uncomfortable, get wet and simply want to be able to touch their toes. In addition to choosing materials that feel good on the feet, it can be easier to keep the children's feet warm and the children happy if the socks are in different colors. One tip is to let the child choose the color himself and ignore whether it matches. The main thing is that they stay on. So make the children happy and buy colorful children's socks that brighten up everyday life.

Which material is best for children's socks?

When it comes to socks and kids, it's not just color that makes kids happy. Many times socks that are a little too big can get stuck in the shoes. Therefore, it is important to be observant that the sock sits straight and nicely. Then it is more likely that socks and stockings will remain on the foot all day. Also avoid children's socks and socks that have seams that can chafe. Happy children are easier to dress and the socks can help.

A material that has become more common and that children tend to enjoy is socks made of bamboo. Many times bamboo socks are silky smooth. Bamboo is also gentle on the skin and if you have a teenager who sweats a lot, bamboo is a very smart option. Due to bamboo's antibacterial properties, the risk of fungus is reduced and, in addition, the material keeps bad odors on the pole. Cotton children's socks are also a classic that always works. The advantage when it comes to color and cotton is that the range makes it possible to make any teenager happy.

Socks children with funny motifs

At Svensk Husman you will find socks for children with fun motifs and lovely colours. If your child loves meatballs for dinner, you can now buy blue and yellow children's socks with brown meatballs as a motif. There are also blue and yellow socks with cinnamon buns on them and pink socks with princess cakes as motifs. If your child likes buns, you can buy light blue and pink socks with buns on them!