our history

Sweden's coast stretches for about 1,600 km, from Ystad in the south to Haparanda in the north. All of the country's 25 landscapes are not only unique when it comes to nature - we also find the same dramatic differences in food culture!

We at Svensk Husman want to pay tribute to the country's unique traditions and dishes, not least - the Swedish coffee! We do this through fun products that take you on a wonderful journey through Swedish culture. Regardless of what you like, we can almost guarantee that you will find something suitable with us at Svensk Husman. Warm welcome!

How it started

At the end of 2018, Svensk Husman Socks AB was finally registered. This after diligent work with the website, design, products and production of our then four patterns. Our first sale was on August 10, 2019 and was of socks - our only product at the time. Since then, we have expanded at a rapid but controlled pace, built up a network of dealers in different countries and designed both more socks and other fun products - all of course with the same theme as before: Swedish traditions, especially our food and coffee culture.

We want to spread joy with our colorful socks

Svensk Husman is a company that wants to make a difference in the wider world. We want to show what traditions Sweden has regarding coffee & food and spread joy through colorful socks . Even in the event of an embarrassing silence, Svensk Husman can be a perfect ice breaker. Just pull up your trouser leg and show off your new cinnamon bun socks and VIPS and you'll have a conversation piece! Because who doesn't like Swedish coffee?